Friday, 22 May 2009

Normal service will resume soon

Don't worry, my plane didn't crash. I've just been awful busy setting up a bank account, getting a social insurance number and a house in Vancouver.

Don't even talk to me about getting a job, pickings seem to be slimmer here than I thought so I've been practising my street-walker routine in the mirror at night.

All the sordid details about my adventures in Vancouver thus far will be revealed before long though. Until then, chat amongst yourselves.


Sully said...

Huzzah! I'm quite eager to hear about how you get on (should I decide to flee one sinking ship for another). I could probably answer this by going back through the archives, but is this a solo sojourn, or did you leave with some buddies?

mapstew said...

Ah Canadia!

dashoge said...

With a few buddies Sully, more are coming over in a week or so, lot of Irish here already and no hint of a job yet but I"ll keep you updated!