Monday, 28 September 2009

Lafino makes his first media appearance

Four months I've been here, hunting out a job in journalism, desperate to feel that familiar ego massage that comes with seeing your name in print. All to no avail.

And then just to add a bag of salt to an already gaping, gangrenous wound, my fellow Bruffian Lafino makes an appearance in the local media before me.

There he is poking his head up from the back of the scrum against Capilanos RFC as seen in last weekend's North Shore news. Meanwhile my head is still stuck inside the sweaty, smelly boiler room that is the front row where no photographer will ever find me.

Life just isn't fair sometimes.


mapstew said...

Isn't that always the way?!
A photographer turns up JUST as you have yer head up someone's arse, and your friend steals the limelight!

Anonymous said...

Hoggie is slcking with the posts???
We need some stories about Collins antics over there???
Hope your well¬¬