Saturday, 25 December 2010

Excuse the podcrastination

LOOK I've been busy alright? It's not like my usual blogging hiatuses which stem from unadulterated sloth and indifference. No, no I've been working on something special for all of you folks, a Christmas present if you will.

As far as I can tell, there are very few Irish-based podcasts. Now, when I say podcasts, I'm not referrring to radio stations putting clips from their shows online for people to download. In the truest sense of the word that ain't a podcast.

For a purist such as myself, a podcast is a show recorded with the main purpose of being published online as opposed to on the radio. Podcasts tend to be a lot looser and less censored than radio shows and, from this enthusiast's point of view, a much more enjoyable listen than most of the fare that takes up the traditional airwaves with the faux-friendliness between presenters, questionable music choices and the increasing presence of advertising.

Whatever about Irish podcasts, I'm almost certain that there aren't any Limerick-based podcasts and with that in mind, myself and an old friend fancy ourselves as a pair of trailblazers.

We're still in our very early days yet (just one episode online and still baffled as to how to get it on to itunes) but we're full of enthusiasm and unfounded opinions so expect many more installments to come.

In the meantime give a listen to the inaugural episode of Hoge 'n' Smith (A podcrastination on all matters nonsensical) at and tell us what you think.


Sully said...

I enjoyed it - even without playing the meta-game of counting the many tropes of 'first podcast' you hit on - (discussing the name, laughing heartily at suggestions for segments, etc.).

Looking forward to episode two. I don't know you or the other bloke personally Hoge, but after the first two minutes of conversation there was more than enough information to get "Smith's" full name (in its double-barreled glory) and details of his biking exploits, so fighting for your privacy is pretty much futile!

[Oh great! Episode 2 is up! I'll have some of that]

dashoge said...

Haha, ya we definitely wouldn't get into spy school with our secret-keeping abilities! We were also certainly guilty of a lot of those sins of the first podcast but delighted that you liked it, feel free to spread the word!