Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bo Bo's mystery photos 2

Time for another selection of Bo Bo's mystery photos chaps and chapettes.

As with last week, the first person to correctly guess where the pictures were taken in Limerick will win eternal life.

Second place gets a toaster.


Sully said...

I'm going to venture that the first is the Hunt Museum.

mapstew said...

hunt museum, do I get the toaster? (I already have eternal life, deal with him down under!)

Scenery said...

Hunt Museum, The Bank, Thomond Park, Riverpoint, boom!

How do I claim my prize?

El Chalkerino said...

The first is the Hunt Museum, the third is Thomond Park, the last one is your old penthouse apartment in Riverpoint, where you lived in your pre-recession Patrick Bateman days.

The second is lost on me though. That may not be enough for eternal life, but an extra 150 years should be due on merit

dashoge said...

Scenery gets eternal life!

Much quicker than I thought guys, I'm going to have to get Bo Bo to give me something a bit more abstract.

I likes the sounds of that deal Mapstew.

Toaster in the post Chalkerino!