Monday, 9 February 2009


Some of you may have noticed that the widely-read, much-beloved, ever-revered Stuff and Nonsense column did not feature in last week's Leader.

Unfortunately because of spatial constrictions and a declining interest in toilet humour, S+N had to be pushed out and now my uninformed rants will be restricted to the world-wide-inter-highway.

I know this must be a hard time for both of my loyal followers but I have reassured my parents that we will get through this.

Family flowers only please. Donations can be made if desired in cash to John Hogan, 54 O'Connell Street, Limerick.


Sully said...

Seriously? I only just enthused a fortnight ago about how it was the best part of the local paper! (here's the proof: )

Can't help but think of that as a bad move - some Limerick-agnostic content provides a breath of fresh air from the stories about farmers getting new tractors and ugly locals sharing their ignorance on current affairs.

(No offence to the noble cultural institution that is the Limerick Leader)

dashoge said...

I'm afraid so my dear Sully, with your kind words.

I'll just have to try my best to keep fighting the good fight here instead!