Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Friends, Romans, countrymen; Lend me your guitars

Cool idea here pointed out to be my Bock.

David Irwin is looking for all you generous guitarists out there to lend the tools of your trade to the Hunt Museum for a month.

I'd lend mine but I fear that after a few days in Canada, I may have to start busking for food. Either that or prostituting myself out and I don't even know if I still fit into the heels and hotpants anymore.

Here's a word from David

Players and others:An urgent call to guitarists in the Mid-West of Ireland.You may not be aware of the huge number of classic, vintage, rare, and beautiful axes lying unappreciated in private collections.

Everybody knows someone who has squirrelled away a tasty Martin parlour guitar, or a Cherry 335 dot, or a genuine pre-CBS Strat, or a peculiar lute thing from Eastern Europe. Isn't it a shame that these works of art are rarely seen or appreciated?

What if we had a chance to display them?A special exhibition of guitars will take place in the Hunt Museum very soon for which we are actively seeking exhibits.

We are interested in all types of guitar (acoustic, electric, pedal-steel, bass, resonator, nylon, 12-string) as well as other interesting fretted string instruments (lute, mandola, bouzouki, cittern, etc).

Do you have an interesting piece in your collection?

Can you spare it for a month or so?

Do you know someone else who might?

If you wish to help and would like your guitar to be considered for inclusion, please send me details of your guitar (make, model, year) and a photograph if possible.

Each exhibit will be accompanied by descriptive text, acknowledging the lender and explaining the more interesting features of the design.

David Irwin



In association with The Hunt Museumand supported by RTÉ lyric fm



mapstew said...

I have a tin whistle of dubious origins, any use?

dashoge said...

That would depend on the dubiosity Map!

Bock the Robber said...

If it's a stringed, fretted tin whistle, I'd say Dave would be very interested.

mapstew said...

Fuck! It's fretless!