Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Broke and Regretful in Vancouver

I finally did it. After several self-administered pep talks and more than one false start, I managed to bite the bullet and join the tiny minority of people who have left their job by choice in 2009.

Not happy with the job Hoge? Not the case. Actually I don't think I've ever enjoyed it more.

Well have you been offered a better job? No, I am officially unemployed come May 15.

Generous redundancy package? Hahahahahaha (pause for breath) Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.......

Right so if your happy with the job, you don't have a better one lined up and there's no financial incentive to quit, what the bloody hell are you doing?

My close friends have called it a number of things; temporary insanity, youthful short-sightedness, the actions of an oblivious simpleton (thanks Mam) but, despite their warnings, I have decided to up and leave life in Limerick, for now at least.

And where - I hear you ask - am I headed for this new adventure as an unemployed, travelling former journalist? Well - I reply - it's the land of ice hockey, French people who aren't actually French, and Celine Dione. It's Canada!

A number of months ago, I applied for a 12-month visa to Canada without giving it much thought. Kind of a 'Sure I'll have it just in case' sort of thing. It's good for 12 months on from when you land in the country so I had all of 2009 to decide if I wanted to leave my loving family and indifferent friends to start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic.

Despite having no job, very little money saved, no accommodation sorted and not even a flight booked yet, I handed in my notice to the boss on Friday.

After doing a couple of victory laps around his desk while singing the version of 'Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio' normally reserved for sin-binned opposition players in Thomond Park, he told me I'd be missed.

But don't threaten to set yourselves alight unless I retract my notice of retirement from the Leader just yet.

You will still be able to get your fix of Hoge as I will continue to post my musings right here, letting you know of the trials and tribulations of trying and quite possibly failing to enter gainful employment in Canada.

Orwell had 'Down and Out in Paris and London', prepare for 'Broke and Regretful in Vancouver'.


chaoloughlin said...

Hi Hoge, I read your post and am living here in Vancouver at the moment. If you want any help or info about Vancouver just give me a shout on

mapstew said...

Best of luck youngfella. I hear nothing but good things about the place. (Well, from my Canadian pals anyway!) Bon Voyage. Looking forward to reading of your exploits in Canadia!

Sully said...

I'm genuinely jealous! Best of luck, Sir!

Scenery said...