Thursday, 5 March 2009

He's a lumberjack and he's okay

ANYONE with the good fortune to stumble across this site will have noticed this rather fetching picture of Yours Truly doing his best impression of a coconut up at the top.

But have you ever wondered what the beard looked like during its various stages of growth? Of course you have.

Well aren't you the lucky ones because I came across this little picture diary that I made whilst growing the beard last summer and have decided to show it off right here for your viewing pleasure.

Growing a face rug had been an ambition of mine for many years but concerns about what parents/girfriends/bouncers/employers might say always prevented me from giving it a lash.

However, having found myself in the delightful position of being apartment-bound (due to a broken ankle) and single (due to women not knowing a good thing when they see it) I was given the opportunity last summer. Here are the results.

Eager beaver at the start

Starting to get a little itchy but not letting it get to me

Now I'm letting it get to me. It feels like I'm wearing a long-dead cat that's been steamrolled on to my face.

If mother Theresa had a beard

Finally. The Lumberjack Look is complete


Sully said...

Damnit Hogan! Title your posts - you've confused my RSS reader.

Your headshot on the Leader always made you look so clean cut - is that what prompted the beardy rebellion?

mapstew said...

Had a beard like that (GINGER), when I was about your age! I grew one again recently when I was similarly incapacitated. This time it was more in the Tommy Tiernan vane. Only good outcome; everybody said I looked ten years younger when I shaved the offending article off! I hope to grow THREE beards this year.

dashoge said...

Apologies Sully, correction made, If you were a true Leaderite you'd know that they actually modified my byline pic to show the real me during my hairy period! Have to say I loved having it though, nice little conversation starter!
Mapstew, it sounds like you and I suffer from the same bizarre affliction of gingerius beardium. Any idea why, despite the hair everywhere else on my body having a nice auburn tint to it, my beard looked like something Mick Hucknall would grow?

mapstew said...

There's a bit of a Ginger in all of us.
I fuckin' love these 'word verification' words. My latest one is 'rintahot'!