Friday, 20 March 2009

First blood drawn: Ireland 1 - Wales 0

A quick diversion from my adventures in vegetable-land if you don't mind.

On Wednesday of this week, I picked up a call to our newsroom from a Welsh chap named Dafydd. He is organising a mass piss-up in Wales called Celtfest and was hoping to attract Irish rugby supporters by getting some publicity for it through the Leader.

He said that he had already contacted two PR companies in Ireland but that they hadn't followed through on promises made and were no longer answering his calls. I took pity on him and explained that our County Edition was already finished but that I could try and get an article into the city edition while stressing that I couldn't guarantee anything.

Dafydd didn't bother saying thank you but did say that if I got an article in, he could guarantee one of my mates a ticket for the match itself. He was quite pushy and impolite but I put that down to his being messed about by the aforementioned PR companies. I would subsequently find out that this was just Dafydd's way.

Unfortunately, due to space constrictions, we were unable to put anything in the paper (although I did write and file an article) and yesterday evening I explained the situation to Dafydd in an e-mail. This morning I got a response from him that infuriated me into putting manners on the insufferable gimp.

I let the sequence of emails do the rest of the talking, starting with my explaining the situation to Dafydd yesterday evening and finishing with my final email back.

On 19 Mar 2009, at 15:57, John Hogan wrote:
Dafydd, unfortunately I was unable to get anything into this evening's paper. Apologies for that, I did write an article but because it's St PAtrick's weekend there wasn't enough space in the paper to put it in, due to the volume of photos from parades around the county. Apologies for that, hope the day is a success and that we're left with more reason to cheer at the end of the game than our Welsh counterparts!



From: Dafydd Evans Sent: 20 March 2009 01:14
To: John HoganSubject: Re:
forget it your the third irish person to let me down

On 20 Mar 2009, at 08:25, John Hogan wrote:
You've got some cheek. You contact me the day before we go to print asking for prominence in a regional paper for an article that has no regional significance whatsoever.
I went to the effort of writing you an article and due to extraordinary circumstances it doesn't get in. I was actually going to ask you if you wanted the article to be prominently placed on our website today but rest assured instead, I will delete the article and waste no time in telling the considerable number of people I know going about your petulance.
Don't dare contact this paper looking for publicity for any of your mass piss ups again you ungrateful little twit.

Too far? What do you think folks?


mapstew said...

Only gay in the village Dafydd?

Jodytheblog said...

Harsh, yes. Appropriate, yes.

richard said...

Dafydd Evans is well known in Wales but scrupulously avoided by all right-minded people. He is recently out of jail. He killed a motorcyclist while driving home from a party. Honourabvle man that he is he ran straight waway from the scene of the accident leaving a corpse and an injured child (who was a passenger in his car).
Since then he has been investigated for social security and tax fraud. You were lucky your contact was brief.

Caradog said...

Dafydd Evans is a sad little man. 48 years old and still living with his mother. Has to go off to East Europe to find a "girlfriend". Hated by all.