Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Back soon!

Much of this week has been spent in County Hall at a long-winded An Bord Pleanala hearing between the city and county councils, a whole gang of objectors and the developers who hope to build a huge extension to the Crescent Shopping Centre.

It's less exciting than it sounds guys.

It's been painful enough trying to decipher hour after hour of each presentation on road capacities, retails strategies, town planning and local area plans.

Some IT head sits beside me all day in the press box but his role baffles me because from what I can tell all the b*****s does is play internet poker all day. And to make matters worse, he won't even let me see what hand he has during the odd interval in proceedings.

But I've struggled on through the hardship just to bring the truth to my followers - much in the same way as Our Lord really when you think about it - and hopefully it will be over in the next day and I'll be allowed back into the office. 'Til then my people.


Sully said...

What word is being obscured by those asterisks? I've thought long and hard about the epithets that fit into "b*****s" but have yet to come up with anything, (other than the hypothesis that you meant to press the 'd' key).

On another note, my word verification word is 'flart'. Knowing that Urban Dictionary would have an entry for such a word-sounding word as 'flart', I decided to look it up:

"When a man is having his salad tossed (chick licking butt hole) and he farts her tongue flutters in the breeze."

Isn't that splendid?

Don't know how long this link will work, but it's my proof, damnit!

dashoge said...

B******s can also be written *ollock*, any help Sully?

Splendid indeed! Those are the little gems that make life so precious.

Sully said...

I thought it may well have been 'bollocks' (which I consider to be the 'proper' spelling), but you're an asterisk short.

This ain't your cushy Limerick Leader gig, Mr. Hogan - you're on the Internet now - you can't hide behind your crack goon squad of proof-readers and fact-checkers, it's just you and a pack of pedantic motherfuckers who waste everybody's time with messages about nothing in particular.

It gets pretty brutal.