Thursday, 12 March 2009

Change the bloody record!

Right. This isn't the first time I've made this particular observation and it shouldn't at all be seen as an attack on my friends in Live 95fm.

It should, however, be seen as an all-out Jihad on whatever chap or chapette draws up the station's daytime playlist.

Like most offices around the city, we have 95fm on in the background all day long and I'd doubt I'm the only one regularly left in a ball-bursting rage by their song choices.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have conducted a little survey and took note of some of the more questionable songs (now that's being kind) played on the station.

In the interest of fairness, those listed below are only the ones which have been played at a rate of at least twice a week during working hours.

At best, the songs contained in the list are mediocre and completely forgettable tunes that may have peaked at number seven in the Irish charts in the early to mid-90s.

At worst, they are offences against music that makes one want to cut their own ears off using a rusty hedge clippers.

In all cases, their being played with such frequency is nothing short of mindboggling and if the record isn't changed soon, I may be tempted to douse myself in petrol and light a match outside the radio station's offices in protest.

Here's the list. Am I the only one this bothers immensely? Remember, at the very least, twice a week, but quite a few have been played twice within a few hours of each other on several occasions.

'Nobody knows' by The Tony Rich Project. Reached number 2 in 1995.

'To the moon and back' by Savage Garden. Peaked at number 3 in 1998.

'Save tonight' by Eagle Eye Cherry. Top position of number 6 in 1997.

'Message in a box' by Brian Kennedy. 1997. Wikipedia doesn't know where it peaked but the album went to number one. For shame Ireland, for shame.

'Anthing at all by Paddy Casey'. Why is this hobbit famous? I'm serious, what kind of pact did he make with the devil?

'Perfect day' by the music 'greats' of 1997. Wouldn't mind the Lou Reed version now and again but why play the track featuring Boyzone and Bono?

'Love supreme' by Robbie Williams. Number 4 in 2000.


mapstew said...

Man but doesn't our Brian just look FAB in that foto?
Agree about the 95 playlist tho'.

Carol said...

I Love live 95, They play great songs from great songwriters, we're lucky to hear them a much as we do, Live 95 provide this (optional) service, and to them I thank.

Also its great for the deaths.

My sister Josephine updates her Eircom phone book every day.

dashoge said...

In fairness Carol, I am also a fan of 95, they have a dedicated news team and their talk radio is superior to any other local radio stations I've ever heard.

But I still maintain that some of the music (and the regularity with which it's played) really does run the risk of inspiring violence in some of the station's more imbalanced listeners.

Carol said...

I'd have to agree with you there John. Their news is very good, and sets a good standard of Local & National news for all other local stations.

There is always an option of changing the station if you don't like it, or putting on a tape,instead of reaching for that baseball bat, or rusty chainsaw that you knew you'd eventually use,one way or another.

Music is a personal taste, it may just so happen that through research they've found that the majority of their target audience is very happy with the musical content, as it's familiar to them or maybe even reminds them of younger days.

I feel it's important to have more choice on radio, and soon we will with the help of Digital Audio Broadcasts, and I also think there should be more Stations in the city.

Perhaps a Community Radio Station that caters for all tastes and cultures.


I like the photo you sent me, very cheeky.But how did you angle the camera in such a way?