Sunday, 15 March 2009

Vegetarians, lend me your ears

I've made a most unlikely decision to join the ranks of a group that count Michael Bolton, Pauly Shore, Chris Martin and that ol' hound, Adolf Hitler, amongst their members. That's right, I'm going to give vegetarianism a lash.

This isn't a decision I've come to lightly and it's not something I'll be jumping into straight away as I intend on gettting some of your advice beforehand.

From the outset, I should say that each and every one of my wits had deserted me when I agreed to this particular challenge, but a committment was apparently given and if I can't keep a drunken promise, then what do I really stand for?

Long time meat-hater Miriam is the one to blame for me deciding to learn the way of the vegetable but thankfully she only managed to convince me to try it out for a week. In return for my taking this on, she has agreed to provide me with a few apparently delicious veggie meals and snacks so as to ensure I don't die of malnutrition during the week.

I reckon I'll start off this particular challenge around Wednesday or so. The desire for a kebab will be too great tomorrow night after I finish celebrating the birthday of St Patrick.

In the meantime though, I'm open to suggestions from vegetarians, vegans and all the palatally-challenged out there on how to get through my weekus horribilis.


El Chalkerino said...

I fully admire your ideals and will, Mr Hogespot.

I will be thinking of your noble struggle whilst eating my 15 pound steak later tonight.

mapstew said...

One word. GAS.
Or WIND. Two words.
And SMELLS. Three words.

Anonymous said...

I give it two days...

Alan Owens said...

Keep those smells over on your side of the newsroom..

We should start a book on the chances of you making the week. Wonder what odds Paddy Power would offer?